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Your Position: Home - Apparel - How to prevent purse theft – Tips & Tricks to keep you safe

How to prevent purse theft – Tips & Tricks to keep you safe

Have you ever wondered how many purses are stolen each year?

You may consider yourself a very careful and attentive person but sometimes life happens, you might get distracted and let your guard down, making you game for purse snatchers who are on the lookout for easy prey.

Your handbag might be the last thing on your mind when you’re enjoying good company and a great meal, but an unattended bag is a thief’s dream.

A huge part of staying safe when you are out and about is being smart, mindful, well-informed, and taking steps to ensure that you are not an easy target.

Travel with peace of mind whilst your belongings remain safe whether that’s halfway across the globe or at your favorite street corner coffee shop.

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Discover how below.

Try to pickpocket proof your purse or shoulder bag if you don’t want to purchase a pickpocket-proof purse or shoulder bag. You may want to modify your own purse or handbag to make it pickpocket-proof if you absolutely love the style and/or don’t want to spend money on a new travel bag. While it may not look as sleek as those anti-theft purses and shoulder bags that were designed specifically to stop pickpockets, this simple modification should do the trick.

The two items shown here may be found at your local hardware store. It’s a DIY hack that may take some thinking on how to best lock your entire bag zipper or just a pocket inside your bag as not all bags have the same design or features to work with.

How to prevent purse theft – Tips & Tricks to keep you safe

How to Pickpocket Proof Your Purse or Shoulder Bag





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